Local Health Updates


If you think you have the flu, the best place for you to be is at home.  Take the time to let the illness run its course. Don’t rush your recovery. The best way to ensure your health, as well as your family’s and friends’ wellness, is to take care of yourself.

·       Stay home from work or school until your fever has been gone for least 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications.

·       Stay away from others.

·       Get plenty of rest.

·       Drink clear fluids. 

·        Wear a face mask if you have to go in the public.

·        Drink from your own container.

.           If you are pregnant or have a health condition such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or emphysema, check with your health care provider and ask if you need any special care.

Anyone who gets the flu should watch for signs that the illness is getting worse. Call your doctor if you experience or observe any of these warning signs. 

o       Adults:

.         Shortness of breath or respiratory distress

.         Fever greater than 100 degrees for more than 3 days

.         Chest or abdominal pain

.         Lightheadedness

.          Disorientation or confusion

o       Children:

.         Difficulty breathing

.         Blue skin color

.         Unable to keep liquids down

.         Extreme drowsiness, listlessness, or sluggishness

These warning signs could mean a person is developing complications to the flu, which should be taken seriously.